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A Journey through my life...

“Everyone dreams of doing something extraordinary at some point of their lives”.  As a child I dreamt of becoming many things: a teacher, a doctor, a dancer, travel the world and help the ones in need, the list is endless. I always wanted to do something unique and make a difference. I just did not know at the time exactly what that was.  


It all started to get a little clearer when during the summer breaks as a student I worked at my uncle’s hotel in the touristic town of Ayia Napa in Cyprus, just to kill the time.  The fact that I got the opportunity to meet so many different people from all over the world, each with a different background and a story to share fascinated me. 

“I remember finding great fulfillment in ensuring that our guests thoroughly loved their stay and shared memorable moments .”


And this took place every summer up until I graduated from high school.  By that time I decided that Hospitality was a world I definitely wanted to specialize in and set off first to the UK and then to Switzerland.

Following my graduation with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Hospitality Administration in 1996, I went to London where I worked at the stunning Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane. Once again the realization that I was in the right place doing the right thing kicked in. 

“I’ve always loved working with people, from my heart, and that became obvious. Challenges turned into success stories which highlighted my passion to please!”

My career journey abroad lasted for 20 years and took me all around the world, mainly to Europe and the Middle East. During that time I held senior positions in the field of sales and marketing within well established international hotel groups as well as organized major events and exhibitions for large organizations.


Now you are probably wondering how did “Your Wedding Concierge” emerge and I will have to be honest with you. My husband’s proposal while still living abroad made me feel completely overwhelmed. Organizing our wedding remotely at the time, seemed to be very difficult and frustrating at times. All I wished for at the time was to have someone in Cyprus, one who would understand our needs, style, preferences and add more personalized choices and options that would come along with the occasion.


Despite the initial stress, the end result was amazing and I will remember it for as long as we live.

“My attention to detail as well as organization skills matched with my creativity, paid off.”


At that point I told my husband, that if we ever moved back to Cyprus this is exactly what I would love to do. Set up a concierge service for all those couples abroad wishing to get married in Cyprus!


And here we are!  

“Your Wedding Concierge” is waiting to ensure that the best day of your lives is filled with memorable experiences by saying “I Do” in one of the most inspiring settings in the world.”


When I am not wearing my professional hat I love travelling and discovering new places, practicing my serene Yoga & Pilates sessions, reading, enjoying culinary experiences, attending positive thinking seminars as well as getting spoiled by and spoiling my handsome husband and 2 lovely daughters!


I sincerely hope we meet soon and together, create memories that will last a lifetime!


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